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United States hunting

World Class Safaris Inc. offers bow hunts in the lower 48 states, Alaska, most of the Canadian Provinces and Mexico.  All the major species of North America are offered.  We offer bow hunting  as well as rifle and pistol except in Canada, and black powder hunts for our clients.

Our hunts may be as easy as sitting in a tree and waiting for game to walk by.  Our hunts may be very strenuous, taxing the limits of your strength and endurance.  For the most successful hunt you should always be in the best physical condition possible.  If you have any medical problems/on special diets/take medication please advise your booking agent and consult with your physician  before undertaking any hunt.

Illinois, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska

Graham Outdoor Adventures
hunt for big whitetail during bow season and with shotgun during gun season.  Large private hunting area near Carlinville on Mississippi.  Only 3 hunters per hunt $2500 plus

Kansas Outfitter
has large tract of family property to hunt whitetails in Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska.  Muzzleloader, Rifle and Archery hunts.  This outfitter has excellent bowhunting areas.   Kansas license us a draw.  Nebraska and Missouri over the counter except for Mule deer in Nebraska which is a draw.  All 5 day hunts: Kansas $2350, Nebraska - $2250, Missouri - $1500
This outfitter offers outstanding UPLAND BIRD hunts at $350/day/hunter and EASTERN TURKEY at $750 for 3 days,  2nd bird for $250 call for details.

New Mexico

BH Outfitters 
hunt mule deer, antelope and elk .  This ranch is 100 sq miles in size and adjoins the Gila.  You must draw for a permit or pay for a landowner's permit.   Big elk are the norm with a high rate of success for bow hunters.  The outfitters apply for the licenses for you.

License Cost
Package Costs
Elk $756
Elk Bow - $2500 - $3200
Antelope $192
Antelope $1200
Mule Deer $180
Mule Deer Bow $1800

Bulk Elk Landowner Tag - $6000

Rifle/Muzzeloader Hunts -  $3000

RJ Outfitters
Archery $4200, with land owner permit  $5800. Private Ranch - $6800.   Archery mule deer - private ranch $4250.  Muzzleloader $5200, with land owner permit $7200, private ranch $8200. Rifle $5800, with land owner permit $7800, private ranch $8800.  Licenses extra.

Trophy Outfitters
Call for information. Excellent bowhunting for Elk/Mule Deer.

BL Outfitting
Takes small groups. Very Productive. Call for particulars. Excellent bowhunting for Elk/Mule Deer.

is a vast wilderness area with major game animals.   The only method of traveling about effectively is by light air craft bush planes.   You may hunt with bow, rifle, handgun or black powder. Many hunts are conducted with horses, others with boats and some by backpack only. Moose, Caribou, Black Bear, Grizzly Bear, Brown (Kodiak) Bear, Blacktail Deer, Sheep, Goat are amoung the most desired animals.  We deal with many outfitters in Alaska, visit our Alaska outfitters page to see which package best suits your needs.