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Crocodile and Hippo Hunting in Africa

Crocodile and hippo hunting are available in Mozambique, Namibia, Tanzania, and Zibabwe.  Information is listed below for each of the hunting areas. Call us and let us customize that perfect hunting trip and location for you. 


This beautiful country's safari industry is thriving!   Most concessions are very large and located in remote areas.  You will experience "old Africa" in classic tented camps.

We offer great hunting for Hippo and Crocodile.  Other trophies sought in this area are Lion, Leopard, Buffalo and Sable.  Big Elephants are also legal and abundant.  US hunters may not import ivory from Mozambique.

These are top rated safaris are $850/day plus trophy, license and government fees.  Short buffalo hunts are available.


The country of Namibia lies north and west of South Africa.  It is an easy country to travel to and in.  The road system is excellent.  The country is sparsely populated with only about 2 million people.   The national parks and the ocean coastline make for wonderful touring and sightseeing.  Plains game hunting in Namibia is outstanding.   Dangerous game hunting is excellent and convenient, but with rifle only. 

Photo from Hippo hunt in Namibia

Hunt Kunene river area or Kasika concession in Caprivi strip for Hippo and Croc.


Is a premier east African hunting country.  There are many well-established hunting companies that provide outstanding professional service, accommodations and food.  Hunt for crocodile, hippo and the big 5 as well as a huge variety of plains game.

 This is a classic Old East Africa hunting experience. This country is so vast and has so much different game it is necessary to plan a custom hunt.  Daily rate hunts plus trophy, fees, licenses and government fees are standard.


Is a definite hunter's destination.   There are many hunting concessions in the North, Midlands and South of Zimbabwe.   Dangerous game as well as plains game is present in abundance.  Rifle and bows are legal in Zimbabwe. Bows are limited to lion, leopard and plains game on private concessions.