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Asian Water Buffalo Hunting in Australia

The wild Asian buffalo weighs 800 - 1200 kg (1800 - 2600 lb). It is a massive, powerful animal, with the widest horn span of any bovid - more than 6.5' (2 m). The wild Asian buffalo is very dependent on the availability of water. Historically, its preferred habitats were low-lying alluvial grasslands and their surroundings. Riparian forests and woodlands were also utilized. The wild Asian buffalo eats grass and leafy aquatic vegetation. It is mainly a grazer, feeding in the morning and evenings and lying up in dense cover or submerging in wallows during midday. During the midday heat, the wild Asian buffalo frequently wallows in water or muddy pools, sometimes almost completely submerged, with only its nostrils showing. In addition to keeping it cool, wallowing helps to remove skin parasites, biting flies, and other pests.

In addition, there are wild boar, wild cattle or scrub bull, banteng. There is also optional Estate hunting for Sambar, Javan Rusa North Island or Malacan Rusa, Axis Deer, Hog Deer and Blackbuck. A normal buffalo hunt is 7 days with two days travel. Additional animals will need additional days and cost extra. Boar-$500, Scrub Bull-$850, Second buffalo-$3500.
A typical price for a buffalo 1X1 hunt is $9,000. A 2X1 hunt is $8,000 each. A combination hunt of Buffalo, scrub bull and boar is 1X1-$10,000, 2X1-$9,000 each. These prices are 2012. 2013 prices may change.

The hunts take place on large tract of land of hundreds of thousands of acres called "cattle stations". These areas are very wild and primitive with free ranging animals.
Hunt destination origin starts at Darwin. Transport to hunting area is by vehicle or private air charter where not accessible by road.

Please call 803-648-6797 for more details