African Hunting Safaris

Our mission is to provide you with the very best hunting experience possible at the lowest price available without compromising quality. We can't control the weather or the migration of the game you seek on a given hunt, but we can and do investigate the outfitters we use for their reliability, honesty and the density of the game in their hunting area. We also know about the trophy quality of their animals. Furthermore, we attempt to visit as many of the hunting sites we can to further check all aspects of the hunt quality before your hunt is booked. All of our research comes at no cost to you.

Sometimes we have extra good deals - last minute cancellations on a major hunt that can save you thousands of dollars! Many times outfitters, for many different reasons, offer special discounted hunts. The quality is the same just the price has been reduced. Whatever it is you want to do, from a whitetail hunt in Texas to a Cape Buffalo in Africa, we can help you do it!

Our hunting regions links on the left will take you into all the destinations that we offer hunting packages. Choose from Africa, The United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand or Alaska.

 FYI 2014

The US Fish and Wildlife Service banned the importation of Elephants from Zimbabwe and Tanzania.

Travel to South Africa with Children will require additional paperwork beginning October 1, 2014. Check with the South African Consulate for specific information.


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